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56% Long Stamples Egyptian cotton, 
31% Supima cotton, 
13% Linen


290g/m2 - pre-wash


Our warp one of the highest-quality, luxurious cotton on the world. When used to make fabric, it makes lavish, shiny and silky fabric that become softer and softer. 
And weft supima cotton with linen which create strong wrap.


Here is a part of review wrote by lovely Lucy :)

'...We have had Aspen Amethyst for a number of weeks and I have had the opportunity to carry Cass in Amethyst on several occasions. Each time I have fallen more in love with the luxurious blend, elegant design and the stunning jewel like colour.

A blend with fantastic strength and beauty, not only does Amethyst hold my very chunky toddler with ease, comfort and support, the fabric sings and glows in the light. This is due to the warp being created from Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton, which is recognised as one of the highest quality cottons available. When used to make fabric it produces a lavish, silky finish that becomes softer and softer over time and with use...'

'Aspen Amethyst is strong and very wearable, with a small amount of breaking in it will be suitable for both tiny babies and toddlers...'

Aspen Amethyst

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